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2 | APRIL 27, 2017 | THE BEACON | DIOCESE Celebration: Paterson’s St. Stephen Parish welcomes Bishop for Divine Mercy Sunday FROM 1 ciple in the upper room and this time Thomas is with him.” The Bishop said, “With great love and com-passion, Jesus offers Thomas, the doubter, the chance to do something he didn’t deserve. He offers him the chance to touch his wounds with his fingers and to put his hand in Jesus’ side. That great mercy of Jesus changed Thomas on the spot from an unbelieving dis-ciple to a believing Apostle. And he uttered what is the highest profession of faith in the entire Gospel tradition. Touched by God’s mer-cy, he cried out ‘My Lord and My God.’ ” “Today Mercy Sunday, we remember Thomas for what the Risen Lord did for him, which he also does for each of us. Jesus un-derstands our misgivings, our hurts, our weakness, our doubts. He knows all too well our human condition. Jesus breaks through the locked doors of our hearts and makes us true believers of his Risen presence,” said the Bishop. Because this year marks the 100th an-niversary of the apparitions of the Blessed Mother before three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, Bishop Serratelli made an act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the parish community. He told the parishioners to continuously stay close to the Blessed Mother. Following the act of consecration, an im-age of the Blessed Mother carried by ushers was processed around the church aisles and parishioners waved white cloths as “Ave Maria of Fatima” was sung. At the close of Mass, Father Kaminski re-membered Eva Serratelli, the Bishop’s moth-er, who passed away on April 27, 2014, which was the date Divine Mercy Sunday was marked that year. Father Kaminski said, “Bishop Serratelli, please look for one second at the faces of our parishioners. Look at our eyes and look into our hearts. We wish you on this day of Divine Mercy Sunday, you could feel the same love and affection of our parishioners that you felt of your beloved mother — Mrs. Eva Serratelli.” Bishop Serratelli thanked the community and said, “I want to express my sincere grat-itude to this community — for your faith and devotion — and to your pastor, for being an inspiration to all of us.” GOD’S MERCY Top: Children MERCY SUNDAY Above: Con cele -dressed in native garb greet the Bishop. Above left: Israel Rodriguez, parish custodian, venerates the Bishop’s ring along side Hanna Rogacki, presi dent of parish pastoral council, who both presented him with flowers. Above: Joshua Martinez in national Peruvian garb, a religious educa -tion student, takes a photo with the Bishop. Left: The Grinienko family presents the Bishop with the Offertory gifts. Below: Ushers process with a statue of the Blessed Mother as the congre -gation waves white cloths. brants, deacons, altar servers and members of the Eucharistic Mission aries of Divine Mercy stand with the Bishop and Father Dariusz Kaminski, pastor (to right of Bishop). Right: The St. Stephen music ministry leads the congregation in song. BEACON PHOTOS | JOE GIGLI

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